Desires, action steps & vulnerability

It’s time. The time is now. No more talking about the blog I WILL have. Here it is. The blog I DO have.

Have vision/desire—>take action step. Repeat All else will fall into place. This is one of the many things 2015 has taught me. Continue to be clear about what I want, what my vision is for myself, for my business, for LIFE, LET GO of the how it is going to show up, trust that it will, and take small, deliberate action steps to create that life. And have fun while doing it all. This certainly doesn’t mean there aren’t days. You know those days, or weekends, or weeks, or maybe even months where you just want to curl up, crawl into your shell or your blanket or your bed and just say enough! Maybe it’s situational. Maybe it’s because planets are doing crazy retrograde things. Or the moon is full. Or new. Or there’s an eclipse. It’s doesn’t really matter what the reason because you know what, it’s just a moment in time. It does pass. Perhaps slower than you would like, but it does.  What makes it go by quicker? Actually going into the feeling. The rawness. The “ick”. The discomfort. WITHOUT judgment. That’s the key. No judging yourself. I know, so easy to say. In those moments you are being totally honest with yourself. I have found that it requires a willingness to witness the contrast of our emotions, our beautiful humanness. A willingness to be vulnerable.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy and creativity.” Brene Brown

My intention with starting this blog is to empower, educate, and share: from chiropractic to yoga to life. (that about covers it all right?) We will see what unfolds!

With Love,